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Add-on insurance

Extra insurance you may not need

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Salespeople may offer you add-on insurance as an 'extra' when you make a purchase. You do not have to buy it.

What is add-on insurance

'Add-on insurance' is cover that salespeople may offer when you buy something. For example, extra insurance for your:

It may be extra insurance you don't need

You may be able to meet any unexpected costs with savings. Or you could already be covered if you have other insurance, for example:

Take time to think about it

From 5 October 2021, a salesperson must wait four days after your purchase before they sell you add-on insurance.

This gives you time to consider if you need this type of insurance. Could you get a better deal elsewhere? You do not have to buy it.

If they don't wait before selling it to you, you have the right to cancel the insurance and get a full refund.