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Unauthorised and mistaken transactions

What to do when you find something wrong on your statement

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If you find a transaction in your account that you don't recognise, it could be unauthorised or mistaken.

If you think something is wrong, contact your bank as soon as possible.

Signs of unauthorised and mistaken transactions

An unauthorised transaction is when someone transfers money from your account without your permission.

A mistaken transaction is when when you pay the wrong person or company by using the wrong bank details.

When you check your accounts, look for payments or withdrawals you don't recognise, such as:

When you check transactions, keep in mind:

How to get your money back

If you find something wrong, contact your bank as soon as possible.

The sooner you contact your bank, the more likely you are to get your money back — and if the transaction is unauthorised, the sooner the bank can stop any further transactions.

When you report a mistaken or unauthorised transaction, make sure the bank gives you a reference number. This will help if you to need to contact them again.

If an unauthorised or mistaken transaction occurs on your personal account, and your bank has signed up  to ASIC's ePayments code, they have to take steps to help you.

Mistaken transactions

You are likely to get your money back if it is still in the recipient's account and if you report it to your bank:

Unauthorised transactions

You are more likely to get your money back if:

You are less likely to get your money back if you:

Protect yourself

Check your bank statements regularly, and get familiar with the different types of transactions in your account. This can make it easier to spot a mistake.

Checking your bank statement

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