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About Moneysmart for teachers

Supporting teachers to connect learning to life - start here

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Learning about money and how it works in the real world can transform the student experience. It creates learning opportunities teachers love and students thrive on.

Start with Moneysmart for teachers to help you bring life into your classroom.

Teaching resources

The free teaching resources are developed for teachers, by teachers. They aim to make your job easier with relevant, high quality tools and resources that are easy-to-use.

Choose from units of work, interactive activities and e-books designed to engage and enhance students’ critical thinking and problem solving.

There are resources in multiple learning areas for primary, secondary and VET students.

Moneysmart in schools

Students are learning to be Moneysmart through a community of passionate teachers and well-informed schools.

See examples of Moneysmart in schools where teachers are integrating consumer and financial literacy into their classrooms.