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Get free publications to help you make everyday money decisions

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Download, view and print free Moneysmart factsheets and publications on money topics.

Publications on this page are PDFs. If a PDF file size is larger than 2MB, it will be stated below.

Note: Publications content may not be current. We are in the process of reviewing this list. 

Banking and budgeting

Managing your money (4.4MB)

A guide on budgeting, saving and spending. Includes a tear-out budget planner.


A factsheet on setting up and adjusting your budget.

Saving and setting money goals

A factsheet with steps to help you start saving to reach your money goals.

Loans, credit and debt

Get debt under control

A factsheet on steps to take control of your debts and relieve the pressure.

Dealing with debt collectors

A factsheet to explain your rights, what to do and how to get help.

Dealing with debt collectors

Your rights and responsibilities when dealing with debt and debt collectors.

Do you need urgent help with money?

A brochure on where to go for help when you're having money problems.

Problems paying your mortgage

A factsheet on what to do if you're struggling to make home loan repayments and where to get help.

Helping people in financial difficulty

A factsheet with information to help someone experiencing financial difficulty.

Investing and planning

Starting to invest

A factsheet about how to get started on your investing journey. 

Investing between the flags

A practical guide to investing.

Getting financial advice

A factsheet about choosing and working with an adviser.

ASIC investment guides

Super and retirement


A factsheet to explain how super works, how to choose a fund and grow your balance, and when you can get it.

Super decisions

Choosing a fund and investment strategies, building your super, changing funds, keeping track, complaints and planning for retirement.

Illegal early access to super

What to do if you have been approached about accessing your super early and the penalties you may face if you break the law.

Super and us mob (2.2MB)

This booklet for Indigenous consumers helps you understand super and how to get the most out of it for you and your family.

Retirement and money decisions

A factsheet to help you make your money go the distance in retirement. 

Financial decisions at retirement (2.2MB)

A guide to help you make the most of your money in retirement and avoid costly mistakes.


What to do after a natural disaster

A factsheet with steps to find help and begin to recover from a bushfire, flood or storm.



A factsheet to help spot a scam and reduce your risk.

Ponzi schemes

A factsheet about how ponzi schemes work and what to watch out for.


How to complain

A factsheet about resolving problems with financial products and services.


Dealing with book up: key facts

A shorter version of 'Dealing with book up: a guide'.

Dealing with book up: a guide

Moola talk

Colourful comic series about credit cards, loans, warranties, banking and insurance. Includes two issues including 'No free moola'.

Paying for funerals

Ways to pay for funerals and what to look out for before signing up to anything.

How to pay for your funeral

A factsheet to help you plan for the cost of your funeral.

Paying for a loved one's funeral

A factsheet with information about financial help if a family member has passed away.

Super and us mob (2.2MB)

This booklet helps you understand super and how to get the most out of it for you and your family.

Indigenous factsheets

Money talks audio CD

Short audio segments about buying a car, bank accounts, loans and credit cards, budgeting and saving, super and insurance.

Be Smart - Buy Smart

A simple guide to help you understand your rights as a consumer.