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Lesson plans

Free, curriculum-aligned lesson plans in financial literacy

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In collaboration with ACARA and aligned to the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0, Moneysmart's lesson plans are engaging activities that bring everyday financial topics into the classroom.

Use these plans as a one-off lesson, or as part of a unit of work. Choose by year groups or by theme. There is plenty of flexibility to modify and extend activities to suit your students, your school, and your community.

Lower Primary: Understanding Australian Coins - Students learn about Australian coins, their features, and their value.

Middle Primary: Let's party! - Students learn about needs and wants, while budgeting for a birthday party.

Upper Primary: Buy me! - Students learn how advertising can influence consumers.

Upper Primary: Owning a pet - Students learn about pet ownership in Australia and the cost of buying and keeping a pet.

Secondary: Moving out of home - This lesson explores costs and responsibilities associated with moving out of home and setting up living arrangements. 

Upper Secondary: Understanding compound interest - Students learn how compound interest works and why saving now can help you later.

Upper Secondary: Different ways to pay - Students learn about the pros and cons of various payment options, what happens to their money, different consumer products and where to go for more information.

Upper Secondary: The cost of cars - Students learn about car ownership in Australia and the real cost of buying and running a car.

Senior Secondary: How to spot a scam - Students learn how scams work and how to avoid them. 

Senior Secondary: Investing - This lesson explores what investing is, different types of investments and their risks, how to invest safely and where to begin.