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Income tax calculator

How much Australian income tax should you be paying?

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This calculator can also be used as an Australian tax return calculator. Note that it does not take into account any tax rebates or tax offsets you may be entitled to. For more information see assumptions and further information.

Australian income tax calculator

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Your taxable income:
Income tax payable:
Medicare levy payable:
Your income after tax & Medicare levy:
Your marginal tax rate:

This means for an annual income of you pay:

No tax on income between $1 - $18,200$0
19c for every dollar between $18,201 - 0
32.5c for every dollar between  - 0
37c for every dollar between  - $180,0000
c for every dollar over $180,0000
Income tax payable0

Disclaimers and assumptions

  • The rates are for Australian residents.
  • Your marginal tax rate does not include the Medicare levy, which is calculated separately.
  • The Medicare levy is calculated as 2% of taxable income for most taxpayers. The Medicare levy in this calculator is based on individual rates and does not take into account family income or dependent children.
  • The calculations do not include the Medicare Levy Surcharge (1%-1.5%), an additional levy on individuals and families with higher incomes who do not have private health insurance. See Medicare levy surcharge income, thresholds and rates on the ATO website.
  • These calculations do not take into account any tax rebates or tax offsets you may be entitled to.
  • For the 2016-17 financial year, the marginal tax rate for incomes over $180,000 includes the Temporary Budget Repair Levy of 2%.
  • In most cases, your employer will deduct the income tax from your wages and pay it to the ATO.
  • 2020-2021 pre-budget reflects the tax rates prior to those announced in the Budget in October 2020.

Further information