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Moneysmart is brought to you by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australia's corporate, markets, financial services and consumer credit regulator.

Through Moneysmart, ASIC provides trusted tools and guidance to help Australian's make everyday money decisions.

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Latest news

Scam alert: Scammers are changing the way they impersonate financial services businesses in sophisticated bond and term deposit scams

2 May 2024

ASIC is alerting consumers to new ways scammers are offering fake bond and term deposit scams.

ASIC warns consumers to just hang up on superannuation cold callers

29 April 2024

ASIC urges you to hang up on cold callers and scroll past social media click bait offering to help you compare and switch super funds.

Scam alert: Scammers are using fake warning banners on imposter websites

21 March 2024

ASIC sends a warning to consumers after seeing an increase in the number of imposter scam websites with digital warning banners pretending to be associated with a legitimate Australian company, often an Australian Financial Services Licensee.

ASIC letter calls on insurers to improve claims handling practices

6 March 2024

ASIC has issued a letter reminding general insurers of their obligations as Australian financial services (AFS) licensees when handling insurance claims, especially in response to severe weather events.

It’s a scam! Celebrities are not getting rich from online investment trading platforms

1 March 2024

The National Anti-Scam Centre is warning consumers to beware of fake news articles and deepfake videos of public figures that endorse and link to online investment trading platform scams, particularly on social media.

Get more from your super

21 February 2024

ASIC recently reviewed the superannuation sector and found super funds and financial advisers could do more to monitor investments in super and communicate with members and clients about how their super is performing.

New Moneysmart data reveals young women more stressed than young men about finances, cost of living

15 February 2024

New research has shed light on the financial concerns of Australian Gen Z women, revealing that they are more likely than Gen Z men to feel stressed and overwhelmed by finances and money.

Five easy goals to get your finances in shape in 2024

11 January 2024

Getting on top of your finances is one of the most common new year’s resolutions. However, research we conducted in October 2023 showed while 72% of 27- to 34-year-olds have a financial goal, 33% are not on track to achieve it.

What to do if you are affected by floods in Queensland

22 December 2023

ASIC has outlined practical steps to take for communities affected by flooding in Far North Queensland following ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

Gen Z more concerned about finances than any generation in Australia

14 November 2023

New nationwide research released by ASIC’s Moneysmart program today shows for seven in ten (68%) Gen Zs, finances are a major cause of concern, more than any other age group (57% of non-Gen Zs).

ASIC releases new alert list highlighting suspicious investment opportunities

8 November 2023

ASIC has today strengthened its scam prevention tools to support consumers with the publication of a new investor alert list. Consumers can use this list to help inform themselves as to whether an entity they are considering investing in could be fraudulent, a scam or unlicensed.

ASIC launches consumer awareness campaign – ‘Don’t get burnt by hype’

26 October 2023

ASIC has today launched a consumer campaign to raise awareness of the risk associated with investment hype to coincide with the Australian release of Dumb Money, a new film about the GameStop short squeeze episode in 2021.

Moneysmart resources to help migrants manage money in Australia

12 September 2023

ASIC’s Moneysmart has published Money tips in other languages to help newly arrived migrants understand how money works in Australia.

ASIC’s Moneysmart is a trusted source for 1 in 2 adult Australians

4 August 2023

More than 9.7 million Australian users visited last financial year.

Alert: Money recovery scam using fake documents to impersonate ASIC –

31 July 2023

ASIC is alerting consumers about Payback-Recovery Co which claims to be a money recovery service. The entity is providing consumers with fake documents displaying the ASIC logo and Commonwealth Coat of Arms.

ASIC’s Moneysmart helps Australians manage the rising cost of living

26 April 2023

Australians are turning to Moneysmart to help manage their money, with over 3.2 million visiting Moneysmart so far this year.

ASIC's Moneysmart program

ASIC's Moneysmart update

In this video, Andrew Dadswell, Senior Manager Consumer Communications, provides an update on ASIC's Moneysmart program.

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