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Personal loan calculator

How can I repay my loan sooner?

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This calculator helps you work out:


  • This is a model, not a prediction. It gives you an estimate of amounts and repayment periods; actual amounts may be higher or lower.
  • It does not include extras like establishment or account fees.
  • It applies to loans where your regular repayment includes interest and gradual repayment of the amount borrowed. It does not apply to interest only loans.
  • It does not consider your ability to make the repayments shown.
  • It assumes interest is calculated by compounding on the same weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as the frequency of repayment you select.
  • The maximum length of loan is 15 years. You cannot enter longer loan terms than this.
  • The calculator is not intended to be your sole source of information when making a financial decision. Consider getting advice from a licensed financial adviser, if you need it.