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Book up

Keep tabs on what you owe

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Book up is another way to pay for things at your local store. You can take the items straight away and pay for them later.

Know what’s in your book up account so you don't end up owing more than you can afford.

How book up works

Book up is also called 'book down', 'on the tick', 'on the slate', 'running a tab' or 'tiki'. A store lets you take goods or services and pay for them later.

Ask questions before you book up as each store can offer different types of arrangements. For example, some stores charge a fee for book up and some set up a maximum book up limit.

How to book up safely

Book up

How to manage your book up and keep control of your money.

Get help with book up

If you get into a lot of debt using book up, talk to a financial counsellor or financial capability worker.

If you think a store owner or someone else has stolen money from your account, contact your bank and the police straight away. If you need more help, contact your local legal service, or ASIC's Indigenous Help Line on 1300 365 957.