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stapled super fund

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From 1 November 2021, when you start a new job, your employer will pay your super into your existing super fund if you do not choose a different fund. That existing fund is known as a ‘stapled super fund’ because it's connected to you and follows you as you change jobs. This helps you avoid having multiple super funds and paying additional insurance premiums and fees.

How stapling works

If you don’t choose a super fund, your employer will contact the ATO to see if you have a stapled super fund. The ATO will notify you about your employer’s inquiry and any information they give your employer.

Your employer will pay your super contributions into your stapled super fund. If you have more than one existing super fund, the ATO has rules for deciding which fund should be selected as your stapled fund.

The ATO has more about how a stapled super fund is selected. 

You can change super funds

At any time you can choose to change or consolidate your super.

You can compare super funds by using the ATO's YourSuper comparison tool, an online list comparing MySuper products.

You can also get independent financial advice from a licensed financial adviser. 

Check your insurance

It's important to make sure the insurance through your stapled super fund is right for you.

The insurance offered by super funds varies between funds and may not be suitable if you change jobs or your personal circumstances change. For example, if you change from a high-risk job to a lower-risk job, and you stay with your stapled fund, you may be paying for more insurance cover than you need.

If you're not sure about your level of cover or how much you're paying, you can ask your fund. 

See insurance through super for more information.