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Year level F-10 Sustainability Enterprise Parents Young adults Currency Budgeting Mathematics Economics and business

Select from a range of bite-size activities – no preparation required – for use in the classroom or at home.

Teach about making informed consumer choices and personal finance, such as budgeting, saving, spending, planning, setting goals, income tax and superannuation. 

Select from the following resources:


Understanding Australian coins (Year 1)

Learn about Australian coins, their features and value.

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Understanding Australian bank notes (Year 1)

Learn about Australian bank notes, their features and value.

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Understanding needs and wants (Year 3)

Learn about needs and wants – what they mean and how they differ between people and countries. Understanding the difference between needs and wants can make us better consumers.

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The power of advertising (Year 4)

Investigate how advertisements can influence you to want or buy a product and how you can also use these techniques.

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What influences our choice of clothes? (Year 5)

Investigate the influences on 10-12-year old consumers when they reflect and share on their findings about selecting clothes and accessories. Activities include collecting data and creating data displays.

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Cost of owning a pet (Year 6)

Investigate the financial and non-financial costs of becoming a pet owner and consider other factors such as ethical considerations and external influences.

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How does income tax work? (Year 7-10)

Learn about income tax – what it is, how it works and when you have to pay it.

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What is compound interest? (Year 7-10)

Understand how compound interest works and why saving now can help you later. It may be one of the most important things you will ever learn.

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What is opportunity cost? (Year 7-10)

Learn about the true cost of buying something – or ‘opportunity cost’– What it is, why it's a helpful tool and when to use it.

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Why borrowing can cost you more (Year 7-10)

Learn how interest rates and fees affect the money you borrow and why they may be more expensive in the long run.

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Why investing can be risky (Year 7-10)

Planning to get rich quick by investing one day? Before you jump in, understand some of the risks involved with different types of investments.

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