Calls, messaging and browsing

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Year level 5-6 Parents Mobile phones Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Launch digiactivity

Students examine the impact of voice, text and data usage on a pre-paid mobile phone plan.

Students estimate usage for different activities such as calls, SMS, downloading/uploading and accessing websites with a $30 pre-paid plan

This digiactivity can be used by individual students or in pairs on computers or tablets.

Curriculum alignment

Year 5

Learning area: HASS

Content descriptions

Strand: Knowledge and Understanding

  • Sub-strand: Economics and business
    • The difference between needs and wants and why choices need to be made about how limited resources are used (ACHASSK119)
    • Influences on consumer choices and methods that can be used to help make informed personal consumer and financial choices (ACHASSK121)

Year 6

Learning area: HASS

Content descriptions

Strand: Knowledge and understanding

  • Sub-strand: Economics and business
    • How the concept of opportunity cost involves choices about the alternative use of resources and the need to consider trade-offs (ACHASSK149)

General capabilities

Typically, by the end of Year 6, students:

  • Literacy:
    • navigate, read and view subject-specific texts with some challenging features and a range of graphic representations
    • use developing knowledge of the structure and features of learning area texts to comprehend and compose a range of more complex texts for identified purposes
  • ICT:
    • explain the main uses of ICT at school, home and in the local community, and recognise its potential positive and negative impacts on their lives