Bertie's socks (digibook)

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Year level 1 Budgeting Shopping Parents English

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Judy and Finn explore what's involved in making spending decisions when going shopping with their mother. Can they afford socks for Finn's teddy bear, Bertie?

The digibook can be shared with students using an interactive whiteboard, computer or tablet.

Curriculum alignment

Year 1

Learning area: English

Content descriptions

Strand: Literature

  • Sub-strand: Responding to Literature
    • Compare opinions about characters, events and settings in and between texts. (ACELT1589)

Strand: Literacy

  • Sub-strand: Interacting with others
    • Listen for specific purposes and information, including instructions, and extend students’ own and others' ideas in discussions (ACELY1666)

General capabilities

Level 2: Typically, by the end of Year 2, students:

  • Literacy:
    • listen to two or more step instructions for undertaking learning tasks, listen for information about topics being learned in spoken and audio texts and respond to texts read aloud
    • interpret and use texts to explore topics, gather information and make some obvious inferences using comprehension strategies
    • describe how images add to, contradict or multiply the meanings of words in a text, and compare images with the accompanying print text

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