Kieren's coin (digibook)

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Year level 2 Design and currency Parents English

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Kieren is surprised when he finds a strange coin on the kitchen counter, and his class investigates through a money museum fundraising event.

The digibook can be shared with students using an interactive whiteboard, computer or tablet.

Curriculum alignment

Year 2

Learning area: English

Content descriptions

Strand: Literature

  • Sub-strand: Responding to Literature
    • Compare opinions about characters, events and settings in and between texts. (ACELT1589)

Strand: Literacy

  • Sub-strand: Interacting with others
    • Listen for specific purposes and information, including instructions, and extend students’ own and others' ideas in discussions (ACELY1666)

General capabilities

Level 2: Typically, by the end of Year 2, students:

  • Literacy:
    • listen to two or more step instructions for undertaking learning tasks, listen for information about topics being learned in spoken and audio texts and respond to texts read aloud
    • interpret and use texts to explore topics, gather information and make some obvious inferences using comprehension strategies
    • describe how images add to, contradict or multiply the meanings of words in a text, and compare images with the accompanying print text
  • Personal and Social Capability
    • describe how they contribute to their homes, classrooms and local communities, and how others care for and assist them
  • Intercultural Understanding
    • describe ways that diversity presents opportunities for new experiences and understandings